Thursday, March 30, 2017

Photos of the Day: Best Views of Los Angeles

Another amazing view near the top of the Griffith Observatory at Griffith Park in LA, California. I can just stay here forever. It's one of my favorite place to be. Just a warning that the location is super busy with traffic as it is a popular destination. We found parking going downhill and hiked up for about 20 minutes. If you are driving uphill (around late afternoon), you'll be most likely get stuck in traffic.

Sunset over Los Angeles

Another place to see the view of downtown LA is at Elysian Park near Angels Point (Angels Point Rd, 90012). It is NW of the Dodgers Stadium. From top of the park, you may be able to see the Dodgers Stadium in front of the DTLA high-rises. Since our flight was delayed that day, we didn't have time to go there. But here's the buildings I was talking about (zoomed view from Griffith Park):

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