Monday, March 27, 2017

Photo Collage with Canva Design Templates

When I want a simple design just basically for banners, infographics, posters and collages, I use Canva. I've been using their design software for some time now and I really enjoy using it. It's quick and easy and can be accessed online. Canvas also has a wide selection of collage templates to use for free as well.

How it works:

Sign up for an account. It's free! To get started after you've created your account, click on the "Create a design" button and it will bring up a list of templates for different a categories (postcard, banner, invitation, certificate, etc.).

I like to use my own images to promote my photographs. This sunset photo is from my recent travel to Los Angeles, California. It was an amazing view up there at the top of Griffith Park near the Griffith Conservatory.

Here's my finished design using Canva's "Facebook Post" premade template.

California Sunset

If you enjoy sunsets as much as I do, check out my sunset/sunrise photo album in my Facebook gallery.

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