Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wasp Nest/Hive Discovered at the Entrance of Our Home

Luckily I discovered a wasp nest under the covered area just above my door into the house. It was the size of a tennis ball. If I didn't noticed, it would probably have been much worse if it had grown bigger. I don't usually look up there and the hive was just in the corner behind a wooden piece. How I discovered it was when I got home and saw a big bee/wasp fly under the cover. While going down the stairs to the entrance, I cautiously peeked under the cover to make sure it wouldn't fly into the house. And then that's when I saw a ball of grey thing hanging there. So I told the home owner who lives upstairs about it and he later took care of it.

I originally posted on Instagram that it was a bee hive. It was actually a wasp nest.

Pretty scary for the location of the wasp nest/hive to be.

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