Monday, May 12, 2014

Revenge Season 3 Finale (Spoiler Alert) #RevengeFinale


Any other Revenge fans out there? I'm hooked with this TV series. For those who have seen last night's Revenge Finale "Execution" (May 11th), what did you guys think? As will the past episodes, there was so much suspense and a lot of twists.

As quoted from TV Guide: With an episode title like "Execution," it's no surprise that the show is planning another major death. "I was standing next to [Emily VanCamp] when she was sobbing over that passing, and I promise it will be surprising and impactful and alter the journey of all the characters on the show," executive producer Sunil Nayar says. With Victoria this close to learning Emily's secret, it seems very likely that another character will learn her true identity. While viewers should expect major cliff-hangers for every single character, pay close attention to the final two scenes, which will leave you wondering where the series could possibly be heading. "It's going to be a totally different show next season — a reincarnation," Nayar adds.

Summary of what has happened:

  • David Clarke's case has reopened
  • Margaux names Daniel as her second in command for the company
  • Jack is blamed for Charlotte's kidnapping
  • Aiden was poisoned and killed by Victoria
  • David Clarke shows up and stabbed Conrad in the street during the night
  • Emily got really angry that she knocks out Victoria with a shovel
  • Victoria has been taken into a mental institute

Revenge season 3 wraps up with a finale that includes a major death that leaves Emily greiving. It would have to be someone very close to her - Aiden. Now that her father's name has been cleared, Emily's new mission is probably to avenge Aiden's death. What is next for Emily?

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