Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wish, Hope, Dream - Then make it happen!

Then make it happen.

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Are you one of those who had wished upon seeing a shooting star? Wishing make us feel so delighted. We hope in our hearts that our wish may really come true. Then our minds start to wander, we start to imagine, to dream. These things inspire us more to live.

By wishing, you declare the desires of your heart. You declare to the universe the things that you want in your life. Dreaming uplifts our spirits. And by dreaming, we can escape from the harshness of reality. Our mind is free to imagine anything.

Dreaming knows no age but the desires of our heart change as we grow older. What do you want right now? Is it a new career, a new love, a happier family? Whatever you dreamed of, go for it. Give up fear and dare to wish, hope and make it happen.

However, we are sometimes very much occupied with worries that we forget to sit back and to imagine. This quote reminds us to never stop dreaming and fulfill our dream.

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