Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Fashion Hero: Model Casting for the Healthy Body Image with Real People

Vancouver Fashion Week is only a few weeks away beginning March 18th, 2014. It's the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively sees out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 30 global fashion capitals.

Caroline Bernier, from The Fashion Hero (a Canadian-based company), is promoting healthy body image within the fashion industry as well as her upcoming televised event. It's a perfect place to start if you are looking to do some modeling.

 "The Fashion Hero" Takes the Fashion Industry by Storm with New TV Show

"The Fashion Hero" is an International casting event with a quest to define real people as a healthy and true portrayal of what is beautiful within the fashion industry for a 2015 televised event. This will be done via a competition where real faces will be matched up with elite brands in order to celebrate real people and
individuality. Consumers will be able to relate a lot better as these faces will resemble a sister, daughter or the woman riding on the train that have that 'je ne sais quoi' element.

The Fashion Hero is dedicated to healing the fashion industry and is working to quickly eliminate the 5'9' model standard, or bone thin. The movement strives to promote healthy models, real faces, and a wide range of ages where the statement is clear that it is not too late to achieve a dream that was once limited to a select few.

The Fashion Hero will select the Top 40 entered candidates, based on votes from the public, from 80 participating countries to receive a professional photo shoot and portfolio. During the Grand Finale, which will be filmed, 12 candidates will be selected and take part in an array of promotional campaigns and advertisements, essentially becoming "the faces" of these internationally acclaimed brands.

Be part of The Television Show. Anyone can model for International Brands. Visit www.thefashionhero.com for more info.

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