Monday, February 17, 2014

Soyfoods Council Soy Recipe Redo Contest

On February 11th, the Soyfoods Council launched its Facebook recipe contest, the Soy Recipe Redo. To enter, simply redo your favorite recipe by incorporating soy to make it more healthful and improve its nutrition profile. Then, submit your entry on the Soyfoods Council Facebook page: http://bit.ly/1gpeGza. A winner will be selected by popular vote.

The recipe creator who earns the most votes will receive a $200 VISA gift card! You have until March 11 to enter your recipe redo.

Reinventing favorite recipes with soy is a way to improve the nutrition profile while retaining familiar flavors and textures. Soy is a lean, complete, plant-based protein, making it easy to reduce fat and calories without changing the way you like to eat. Soy also provides heart-healthy fat and is cholesterol-free. Soyfoods such as tofu and TSP® (texturized soy protein) are ideal for adapting recipes for chili, soups, spaghetti sauce, tacos, salad dressings and desserts.

For soy and health information, as well as tips for soy-izing your recipes, check out the information on the Soyfoods Council website: www.thesoyfoodscouncil.com. As part of its #SoyInspired social media education campaign, The Soyfoods Council offers social media fans a variety of resource material, infographics and recipes. Learn more about soy, and start redoing your favorite recipe today for the Soy Recipe Redo Contest.

  1. Create an original soy recipe by taking your favorite recipe and using soy to make it healthier.
  2. Submit your recipe and a photo.
  3. The recipe creator with the most votes will win!

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor received compensation for this promotion. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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