Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide and Product Review Features

If you are a company, brand, or business who would be interested in being part of my Gift Guide Promotion, please contact me and we can discuss further details. I would like to help you build your business and gain more exposure. Looking forward to work with you.

I own and post on 3 of the following blogs that are PR friendly:

1) Brandon's Adventures (http://brandonyuen.blogspot.com) is where I discuss about my toddler's activities, day-to-day events, toys, education, family, as well as write product reviews to share with my readers.

2) Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts (http://jennieyuen.blogspot.com) is where I discuss about my day-to-day-events, health & beauty, fashion, gadgets & technology, food & dining, and travel, as well as product reviews.

3) The Art of Jennie Yuen (http://jennieyuen-art.blogspot.com) is where I discuss about my digital artwork, paintings, drawings, photography, handmade crafts, technology, cameras/camera gear, and other art & design related.

For my readers: I will be featuring products from various companies. You will also have a chance to WIN some of the featured product giveaways from participating companies. Please see my current giveaways.

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