Jennie Yuen
One way to unwind is have a sip of wine. That's what I need lately. I was heading back home from errands and decided to stop at BC Liquor Stores on the way and remembered to pick up some wine. I went in to find a wide variety of Sawmill Creek and I think they all pair nicely with any meal. After choosing the White Zinfandel and Chardonnay, I went to the checkout.

Always my favorite Sawmill Creek Wines are the White Zinfandel, Chardonnay and Merlot. I didn't pick Merlot this time since I already have red wine at home. I have yet to try other ones that I haven't tried in a while.

CHARDONNAY - Tasting note: tropical fruit notes, subtle oak, and crisp finish. It is great paired with poultry (we eat that a lot), seafood, veal, pork, cream based dishes, or simply on its own.

MERLOT - Tasting note: black currant, soft oak, smooth, medium bodied. It is great paired with beef, lamb, grilled salmon (yumm), pizza, or simply on its own.

If you are in need of a re-aquaintance with the art of unwinding, here are a few simple ways to start:
  • Take 10 minutes at the end of the day to reflect on the day's accomplishments (big or small) and treat yourself to a glass of Sawmill Creek.
  • At the end of the week, challenge yourself to carve out the time and space to unwind. Pour yourself a hot bath, let yourself sink in and enjoy a glass of Sawmill Creek.
  • Invite your friends over and enjoy Simple Sipping as you create a bucket list. Then commit each of your friends to crossing one off by the end of the year. Big or small - they all count.
  • Savour a moment of gratitude and share it. Enjoy some Simple Sipping while you send a simple, unexpected note of gratitude to 5 people.

Take a break from the daily rigours of life. Sawmill Creek's variety of easy-drinking and approachable wines makes your experience as smooth as the wine itself. Savour life's simplest pleasures!


Disclosure: I received the mentioned products for review as part of the BzzAgent Campaign. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Jennie Yuen
 "Dove Chocolate Discoveries" 

Nicole Cowen, our personal Dove Chocolate Discoveries Rep has been living the sweet life DCD for the past 7 years. Nicole will help you find any gift for anyone on your shopping list who has a sweet tooth for fine chocolates. Dove Chocolate Discoveries can make your gift giving easy for gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, or your family and friends afar as well as your coworkers. Sweeten your Boss with a grand corporate gift this year.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries , will make hosting your holiday parties so easy. Right down to their scrumptious cocktails. Surprise your guests with "White Chocolate Daiquiri's" to toast the night away, or a chocolate spice rub to season any meat dish. Experience the favorite products and learn easy, elegant recipes that will quickly become your family's favorites, too!

Visit Dove Discoveries and let Nicole help you find that perfect gift. 

Everything from Chocolates, Sauces, Beverages, Baking treats and gift packages.

Visit our Holiday Gift Guide online at

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Jennie Yuen
Remember those textbooks you had when you went to college or university? What did you do with them? Not sure what to do with them now so then you try to sell them online or sell back to the bookstore and only get little back. If you are a current student and want to save on textbooks, I thought I'd introduce you to the RentBack program that offers.

What is RentBack?

Well, RentBack is a new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students. Renting textbooks saves you money. What's great about it is that you make 2 to 4 times more money compared to what you would make through buyback options. You can sell your rented books back at the end of the semester.

CampusBookRentals offers new and gently used textbooks for typically less than half the price you'll pay in your school bookstore. There are some pretty good deals. Some perks include saving 40-90% off bookstore prices, free shipping BOTH WAYS, flexible renting periods, and other perks. You can even highlight in the textbooks.

Here's a visual on how it works.

CampusBookRentals also donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. It's a an international children's charity that helps treat kids with cleft conditions. It's a great cause!

Remember, it's a lot cheaper and you save lots with the RentBack Program from CampusBookRentals.

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Jennie Yuen

 Blogger Opp: iPad Mini Holiday Giveaway Event

Attention bloggers:  This is a free/paid blogger event hosted by My Posh Media. Link is free (first 30 sign-ups) when you promote the giveaway on your blog and/or Twitter and a thank-you for participating in the event. Sign ups close November 11, 2014


* Prize: iPad Mini

* Event dates: November 16 - December 14, 2014

* Eligibility: Contest is open to US only

* Optional additional links are $5 each.

* Agree to post the giveaway HTML on the date the event begins and promote at least 3x a week

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