Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jennifer Aniston's Keratin Treatment and Safety Tips

To be an educated consumer today you need to be aware of what these keratin treatments entail.

In Jennifer Aniston’s recent case, the first important thing to note is that her hair is heavily highlighted. Next, when older versions of keratin type treatments are done by a salon professional, it is necessary to use a very hot flat iron at 450 degrees to activate the product. This high temperature is something that hair itself cannot endure and the damage begins. Newer products on the market like Peter Coppola Keratin Concept require lower heat which means better results for damaged hair types.

Also, with some of these OLDER versions, they contain preservatives that are classified by OSHA as toxic. In addition, some of these preservatives are too strong for some hair types and make the hair too weak to even hold a style. Plus, you may end up with a negative health reaction i.e. burning eyes; bronchial, lung and sinus discomfort and of course, the exposure to a carcinogenic component to these ingredients. As a result of these older versions of keratin treatments, you may also end up with a haircut that you didn't want which is what seems to be the case with Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous locks. Note that these older treatments also use sheep’s wool in their formulas which can sometimes result in a negative color effect on blondes.

Now is the time for consumers and salon professionals to look into the new generation of safe, effective and moderate temperature services like the one offered with Peter Coppola Keratin Concept. Consumers and salon professionals can achieve the benefits keratin can deliver by de-frizzing and smoothing you hair the safer way. According to hairstylist and salon owner Steven Lightfoot, “ I've been having great success with Peter Coppola Concept as a hair product expert.”

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