Thursday, September 19, 2013

Living Proof Flex Video with Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan

A new video featuring Jennifer Aniston and celeb hairstylist Chris McMillan had been released. While filming an education video on Flex, the newest hairspray from Living Proof, with Flexible Web Technology, the two shared some silly moments.

Style, Set & Finish with One Versatile Spray for a Multitude of Looks

Living Proof, the innovative beauty company that uses new technologies originating from MIT, introduces Flex Shaping Hairspray to the Style Lab Collection, its latest series of high-performance styling products. Flex is hairspray reimagined by the Living Proof stylists and reinvented by the Living Proof scientists to move beyond a finishing tool to a must-have, multi-purpose styler for every step of the styling process.

The Living Proof stylists love hairspray and use it on shoots, runways, and the red carpet to create a range of looks and styles. Traditional formulas have been engineered as finishing sprays to lock in a look. Applying these existing hairsprays to wet hair or combining with heat when styling is a big challenge. Hair can be sticky, stiff, crunchy and flaky. Too much brushing and the stiff resins break, the look collapses, and strands are left looking dull.

From setting to styling to finishing, the versatile spray improves every step of the styling process with a lightweight, layerable, re-shapeable, and revivable formula. For the first time, hairspray goes on dry (not wet and sticky) and stays touchable, shiny, and brushable no matter how many layers are applied.

“I hate hairspray – just ask Chris McMillan! I’m always bolting out of the chair when it comes time to spray, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I tried Flex,” says Jennifer Aniston, Living Proof co-owner and haircare spokesperson. “It doesn’t give you that stiff, sticky feeling you get from other hairsprays. Chris has actually used it in my damp hair when he’s blowing it out to give it volume. I like that my hair still feels soft no matter how much he uses.”

Use Flex Shaping Hairspray on damp hair to prep, build, and add structure to styles, create lift and volume, or to set and hold styles prior to heat styling with blow dryers, hot irons, or hot rollers. Use Flex on dry hair to finish any style with firm or flexible hold, humidity and frizz protection, and gorgeous shine without flakes. You can layer Flex without buildup.

“All I need is Flex, a blow dryer, and brush to style the world,” says Ward Stegerhoek, Living Proof co-founder and editorial stylist.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this promotion. I was provided info from the PR firm to share. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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