Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beating The System: Fans Find a Way Around NFL Bag Ban

As you may have heard, the NFL recently banned bags at all games. Fans have already found a loophole. As other sports have vowed to follow the NFL's lead, fans are increasingly turning to SCOTTEVEST as a fashionable and functional alternative. With up to 37 pockets in a single jacket, SCOTTEVEST clothing is perfect for carrying snacks, binoculars, iPads, and even alcohol into the stadium.

The NFL recently outlawed bags at stadiums as a security measure, and the policy is quickly catching on at other sports stadiums and entertainment venues. Meanwhile, clothing brand SCOTTEVEST (www.scottevest.com) has been consistently declared a compliant alternative, allowing sports fans to “beat the system” and continue to bring their personal items to the game.

How are these fans still carrying what they want into the stadium? By wearing SCOTTEVEST brand pocketed clothing. SCOTTEVEST has created a complete line of vests, jackets, and other clothing, all of which are carefully engineered with a large variety of unique purpose-built pockets. Always stylish and never bulging with a fan’s cleverly concealed cargo, SCOTTEVEST garments allow for the discreet, secure, and efficient storage of a multitude of different items, from technological gadgets to everyday – or game day – essentials. Cameras, binoculars, tablet computers, and sunglasses are just some examples of personal belongings that have a specifically-designed home in SCOTTEVEST clothing. And to beat the exorbitant cost of stadium or concert food or drink, wearing SCOTTEVEST provides an incognito way to bring in sandwiches, snacks, water, and even alcohol to games or concerts.

The NFL ban applies to all bags, including purses and backpacks. It requires items to be put into NFL sanctioned “clear bags” or into clothing pockets. Because SCOTTEVEST clothing offers the benefit of up to 37 pockets per item and looks like regular fashion-outerwear even with the pockets full, it is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for football fans. Both male and female fans appreciate the fact that with SCOTTEVEST, what they bring in to the game remains their business alone.

SCOTTEVEST CEO Scott Jordan said, “The NFL policy is now in effect and we expect it to be copied by other sports organizations, arenas, and even concert halls. It is a real issue that fans had struggled to come to terms with until SCOTTEVEST figured out a way to beat the system with pockets.”

Fans have been utilizing SCOTTEVEST pockets at sporting events for years.

SCOTTEVEST is working alongside StubHub to inform NFL fans about the new bag rules and their options to get into the game with everything they need.

WHERE TO BUY: SCOTTEVEST can be purchased at SCOTTEVEST.com, Magellan's, ThinkGeek, and countless travel stores around the world.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this promotion. I was provided info from the PR firm to share. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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