Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dropped my DSLR

Well, guess what? This happened...

I was walking back home from my evening walk and was done with taking photos. Then, all of a sudden, my Nikon DSLR came loose off the BlackRapid strap and fell on to the concrete. Bang! I froze while my lens hood and lens cap was rolling away onto the grass and my camera tumbled in the middle of the sidewalk.

The etal piece was jammed into the playblack button causing all the other buttons to stop functioning. At home, I finally had the piece pulled out and everything worked again. The new DSLR doesn't look very good. It's just cosmetic wear now, but I still cried (*exaggeration*).  It WAS pretty new and it was expensive. Still can't believe it because a chunk of metal chipped off. Must've been a hard hit.

Ha! Maybe I should've got the silicone cover that I was looking at for a while all along. Oh well, too late.

This had been a crazy month for me: Lost my work files in my computer, someone dropped my iPad (corner smashed), and now this... Shit happens! WELL, THAT'S LIFE!

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