Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always Infinity: A pad that gets girls talking {Review}

You may have seen or tried Always, the popular brand for feminine hygiene products. Do you know about the Always Infinity pads? It is the first sanitary pad of its kind, Always Infinity offers women powerful absorbency like never before.

It's made with a super-absorbent material called Infinicel that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity is amazing. Heavy sanitary pads are longer than Regular hygienic pads, helping to provide more coverage on heavy days.

I've used Always, but this is my first time trying the Infinity. What would I want to know before I get this product? I want to know how well it absorbs and if it is comfortable. I like that the Always Infinity pad is super thin and comfortable and how well it performed for a heavy flow. I was amazed it stayed absorbed without any leaks. As I compare both the Infinity and the Maxi using water with blue food coloring, both pads maintained the liquid very well. Although, unlike the Maxi, the Infinity pad keeps the moisture away from the surface away from you.

The bad thing with the Maxi pad, in my opinion, is that the material leaves cotton residue and pieces behind. The Infinity pad feels more breathable and does not wear off.  It's a bit 'cleaner'. I'd definitely recommend the Infinity.

Features & Benefits:

* Infinicel™ remains unbelievably light while absorbing up to 55% more*
* The dual Flexi-Wing® design fits the curvature of your underwear for secure protection
* Microdots™ provide super-fast absorption, while an incredibly soft cover adds comfort

My 4-year-old wanted to do the test experiment with me. He even agrees that the Always Infinity pad has better absorption.

A pad that gets girls talking

It isn’t every day you discuss feminine hygiene. (It’s more like once a month, and only if you’re really reaching for things to talk about.) But Always Infinity® pads are changing all that. The first pad of its kind, Always Infinity is made with a unique material called Infinicel™ that can absorb ten times its weight for powerful protection like never before. Always Infinity pads are so thin and flexible, you might forget you’re wearing one! Suddenly, the subject no one wants to talk about has everyone talking.

Disclosure: I received samples of Always Infinity Pads for review as part of the BzzAgent Campaign. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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