Friday, April 19, 2013

BlingGuard: The Perfect Gift Addition to Rings and Earrings for Mom

What's BLINGGUARD? A revolutionary quick-fix for earrings and rings to keep mom’s gift securely in place. Are you getting your mom jewelry for Mother’s Day? BlingWraps and BlingDots from BlingGuard are the perfect way to make sure rings and earrings fit comfortably and snugly. If you don’t get her size quite right, BlingWraps make any ring into a custom fit while showing it off in style, while BlingDots take the pressure of any earring and keep them riding high.

I was given the opportunity to try BlingGuards and received both the BlingWraps and BingDots. Basically, it is like adhesives and are gentle to the skin.

BlingWraps: Keep stunning stones securely on top of her finger, with absolutely no turning, twisting, or slipping with BlingWraps. These are easy-to-use, transparent, and disposable wraps for rings were designed by a team of scientists and engineers with a patented contoured bridge to form an invisible “padlock” to keep rings in place. Some mom’s have knuckles that have expanded with age – forcing them to get a slightly larger ring to fit over the knuckle – while leaving it loose on the finger. BlingWraps add one plus ring sizes to the finger – immediately solving this problem. Hypoallergenic and comfortable, BlingWraps’ matte finish helps them disappear into skin. One size fits most rings, so it’s easy for mom to wrap and wear her lovely new Mother’s Day gift with no fear of losing it.

I actually like the rubber feel of the BlingWraps because that holds my ring in place. I always hate that everytime my hand gets dry (especially in cold weathers), the diamond keeps spinning around. Since my ring was pretty thin, I cut half the strip of the BlingWrap to make it thinner so it's not visible on the sides when I put it on my finger.

BlingDots: Relieve the weight and pressure of heavy earrings or studs and keep her new gift perfectly positioned with BlingDots. These discreet earring backs keep all styles securely in place and stop the earrings from tugging or tilting. Earrings won’t droop or come loose with BlingDots, and they allow women with stretched earlobes to wear pierced earrings with confidence again. Created with non- irritating, soft, hypoallergenic foam to cushion lobes, BlingDots’ pressure-sensitive adhesive and post-hugging grips position earrings forward while adding extra security. Mom’s present will look great, feel great, and stay safe with BlingDots.

With the BlingDots, it keeps the earring from "drooping," especially with the studded earrings.

WHERE TO BUY? These are available for purchase at www.blingguard.com. BlingWraps $14.99 (set of 30) BlingDots $14.99 (45 pairs)

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product at no charge from the PR Firm/company in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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