Sunday, August 5, 2012

Road Trip: Victoria, BC

The next morning (Tuesday, July 31st) after our stay in Parksville and Qualicum Beach in BC, we were up ready to continue our road trip. After having some breakfast at A&W, we headed to Victoria, BC. Total drive was about 2 hours from Nanaimo, BC.

Our first destination was Goldstream Park to see Niagara Falls in Langford, BC near Victoria. Yes, you read that right. There are actually two Niagara Falls in Canada. This one we visited was just a small one and not too many people know about.
To get there in the park, walk along the trail and you'll see a bridge and a tunnel. Just walk through the tunnel. There's lots of rocks so we had to watch where we were stepping. It was dry and no water or stream running through. At the end, there we saw the Niagara waterfall.

More photos of Niagara Waterfall at Goldstream Provincial Park (Langford, BC) on my Art & Photography Blog.

After walking around, we got hungry and had a late lunch. Then our next visit was Witty's Lagoon to see Sitting Lady Falls (interesting name, huh?). Not much to see because the tree branches were in the way. Again, the flow of water was very little at this time at this falls also.

Continuing our drive towards downtown Victoria, we passed by Esquimalt Lagoon. I had to stop to check it out because of the beautiful water view looking towards Coburg Peninsula. It was a nice little beach.

We arrived at our hotel (Executive Hotel) just after 5:30pm. We had two double bed room with a kitchen and a beautiful view of downtown Victoria. Here's a view from our room.

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