Monday, June 27, 2011

Started Up My Civic with New Battery

It's alive! Kakaka... *evil laugh* Ok, I was just being funny. I bought a new battery for my Honda Civic and finally started it up after 3 years of being dormant. Yep, and I bought a 1-day insurance to drive out to activate battery that I bought from Walmart. I've been looking around and they had the best price so I decided to get it there. They have the Energizer Brand which is quite a good brand.

Old Battery and New Battery
The old battery had some "stuff" growing on it. Disgusting!

I also drove out to get a car wash at the car wash place called PitStop Hand Wash in Richmond, BC. All shiny!

Before and After

Before and After

The engine bay is still super dirty. I gotta wash that on my own when I get a chance.

You won't believe how much carbon and "junk" that came out of that exhaust. I revved it and chunks of stuff flew out. Luckily I had a cardboard sheet laid out on the ground. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of that to show you.

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