Sunday, June 5, 2011

ShedMonster Professional De-Shedding Tool {Review}

When I had been introduced the ShedMonster, I had to try it out. It is the all-in-one grooming tool that said to reduce shedding by up to 90%.  It was perfect for both cats and dogs. I have a cat who occasionally sheds around the house. The would be bunches of fur at the corner of the walls, under the sofa, and even the ledge and inner corners of the stairways. The only thing I used on him was a fur brush. I was afraid to use the shedding tools because I was afraid it would irritate my little kitty's skin.

My cat loves it and enjoys being groomed. It makes him feel good.

What I like about with design of the ShedMoster is the smooth edges that protects the skin from irritation and also the ease of cleaning the tool. The handle has a yellow rubber grip for the user to hold it comfortably while grooming. It sure beats taking the time to clean this brush I've been using.

Features & Benefits:

•ShedZilla is a Professional De-Shedding Tool
•3-in-1 [De-Sheds, De-Mats & De-Tangles]
•Good for all breeds of dogs & cats
•Removes shedding fur while carving through mats & tangles
•Stainless steel teeth penetrate deep into the coat
•Smooth, rounded edges provide massaging contact to your pet’s skin

Here's just a short clip of me grooming my cat, Momo.

I would definitely recommend those with pets such as dogs and/or cats at home. 

Disclosure: I received free product samples from the company to use in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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