Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Time for Myself

I've been having a hectic day. With the toddler sick and my arthritis in my upper spine, it's hard to get things done. My little one cried for me in the middle of the night, AGAIN, demanding me to stay with him and sleep in his room. That's how the back pain started because the toddler bed is so small. I don't want to sleep on the dirty floor. I decided to sleep in and rest up at home. I could barely get up as my back and shoulder pain is killing me. I'm also skipping out on the Family Drop-In at Frog Hollow. My little one is sick and I don't want him to spread his germs to the other kids.

The day seemed to go well so far until my little one started getting fussy (don't want to clean his teeth after his meal). To make things worst, he threw up all over the bedroom carpet while he started balling and coughing at the same time. I spent most of my afternoon cleaning the mess and washing the soiled clothing. And after all that work, my back pain came back.

[edit] It was near the end of the day. And to add to my headache and back pain, the little guy brings his cup of juice into the room without me knowing (as I was in the washroom, even with the door opened) and he spilled it onto the bed. The matress isn't waterproof and there were no extra liner protection. I was furious. He's sleeping on the floor by himself tonight.

Oh, and Canucks lost, but there will be another time next year. What's horrible is the riot that's happening in downtown Vancouver.

I haven't had the time for myself for a while. I couldn't get my work done as I am always getting distracted with the child. I can't afford to take Brandon to daycare. I hope things will get better soon!

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  1. gosh i hope it gets easier for you too hun sorry to hear your struggling!