Friday, January 28, 2011

Stamping Nail Art

Recently, I discovered about stamping nail art. I never knew or heard about it until I saw it on some of the videos on YouTube. Stamping Nail Art is a new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. I think it's neat and very easy to do.

I ordered a set of image plates and the stamper/scraper via eBay. I didn't get the Konad brand because they costs way more. I just bought the cheaper stuff to try out first. This is another new kind of nail art I am experimenting. I tried my nails with the Hello Kitty design. By the way, I was never into this Hello Kitty thing before but I got used to it (and it is pretty cute). I'll have more designs to show you guys soon!

My hands tend to become really dry during the cold season, but I try to maintain my nails from chipping. It happens.

HOW TO APPLY - These instructions are taken from www.KonadNailArt.com

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