Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flowery Fimo Nail Art

Hi everyone!  I'm back to experimenting with nail art again and wanted to share with you all. Remember back in my old post I was telling you about these Fimo canes or Fimo clay sticks? I used them on my mini cupcake charms. This time, I am showing you what I did with it for my nail art. It actually looks pretty cute and delicious, doesn't it?

The base nail polish I used is called "Innocent Violet Purple" by L'Oreal Jet-Dry Quick Dry. Hey, just realized it's almost the same color as the mini polymer cupcakes. After I let the nail polish dry, I then dabbed clear coat enamel to the parts of the nail that I want to place the decorations. Then apply clear coat again over the entire nail to make it glossy and to keep the Fimo decorations in place.

I am typing carefully right now as I am waiting for it to dry completely. I just couldn't wait to post it. I still don't really like the feel of something bumpy sticking on my nails because it feels too delicate. That's what is called 3D nail art. I'm not used to it yet but thought I'd see how long it will last. I'll let you know.

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  1. Cute!! I know what you mean about them feeling delicate and unstable. One thing you can do is to slice them thinner... I notice your slices seem kind of thick for nail application. Try getting them as close to the thickness of a slice of paper as you can.

    Then you can warm it up in your hand a bit to increase its flexibility. Once it's a bit warmer, you can use either polish or nail glue to stick it to your nail, and press it down with your finger so that it adopts the curve of your nail. Once it's had some time to dry/settle into place, you can let go and cover with topcoat.

    That way, it will be in much more contact with your nail and won't feel quite so unstable. It's also not as likely to catch on things and pop off!

    Hope this helps you!