Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Interscope Artist: MOHOMBI

New Interscope Artist: MOHOMBI

Mohombi (mo-HAHM-bee) that has been very popular over in Europe (especially France and Sweden). He’s now making his way into the US market with his upcoming debut album that was produced by Grammy-winning producer RedOne (Akon, Lady Gaga), expected to be out in Spring or early Summer 2011. His music is fun, raw and definitely appeals to the ladies!

But don’t let his good looks fool you – this guy also speaks 5 languages fluently, comes from a very large family (has 15 siblings), and is an incredibly cultured young man (his mother is from Sweden and his father is from the African Congo). He escaped the war in the Congo in the ‘90s with his brother and sister, and after working hard through his teens to build his music career, he and his brother rose to stardom in Europe and Africa, eventually winning an African Grammy.

Check out his new music videos here:

Bumpy Ride (current single out now)

Dirty Situation (featuring Akon)

You can also check out Mohombi's Official YouTube channel here.

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