Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iams Home 4 The Holidays

Adopting a pet is a wonderful deed—you’ll help a dog or cat in need while at the same time find a devoted animal companion. But it’s also a long-term commitment and not to be taken lightly. You’ll need to be prepared to provide care, food, training and attention— be ready to deal with a pet that may shed on or chew or scratch furniture—and be able to afford years of veterinary costs. But what you’ll receive in return is priceless and immeasurable: the gift of unconditional love.

Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Adopt - Our goal is to help 1.5 million pets find forever homes. Families who adopt through the program will receive an Iams adoption kit loaded with important info about nutrition, training and proper care to ensure that the relationship with the new animal starts off on the right paw. Visit www.facebook.com/Iams to find a participating shelter or rescue in Canada.
  • Donate/Buy - It's easy to participate in the Iams Home 4 the Holidays Bags 4 Bowls program. For every specially marked package of Iams dog or cat food purchased, Iams will donate one bowl** of food to a participating Iams Home 4 the Holidays animal organization. Let's help fill 5 million bowls this holiday season.
  • Facebook - Visit www.facebook.com/iams to follow the program’s “Adoption Angels”, new pet parents, chronicling their personal journeys of adoption. For each “like” and comment to the various messages, photos, and videos posted by the Adoption Angels, Iams will donate 100 meals to feed orphaned animals, up to a maximum of 5 million meals.
  • Volunteer – Consider volunteering – it’s free and easy! Animal organizations always need help whether that’s walking dogs or fostering an animal – every bit helps.

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