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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Beamz Player Interactive Music System

Jen's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide
The Beamz Player Interactive Music System

The Beamz Player interactive music system is the perfect holiday gift this season (and also the hottest toy) for friends, family, and anyone who are into games and music. It has been awarded as one of the Top Toys for Tweens on the Toy Insider list for 2010.

The Beamz Player was invented by Jerry Riopelle and developed by Beamz Interactive, an interactive music products company that develops innovative musical instruments and music entertainment products to enable people of all ages and skill levels to play music.

Anyone can play Beamz straight out of the box, without any instruction. And a little practice reveals infinite variations. It’s one of the few electronic devices that gets more interesting instead of less so as you go along. The Beamz Player interactive music system includes music, videos, and games.

This is no ordinary toy, instrument, game or gadget. The Beamz Player provides an extraordinary music-making experience. Using laser beam technology, the Beamz connects to your PC via a USB hub and allows you to begin making music without having to know how to read music. It features a sleek, smaller-footprint design with four laser beams that trigger up to 12 different instruments, music clips, sound effects, or vocals as you pass your hands through the beams.

For the teens and tweens who love their iPod and GuitarHero, the Beamz Player is a whole new way to immerse yourself in music. The Beamz Player features a music library of songs to add to the 50 songs that come with the system. This library encompasses music that appeals to all ages and includes three types of interactive songs: original songs, top-hit jam songs, and video jam songs.

See the video below on how the Beamz Player work:

I was given the opportunity to experience the Beamz Player. The instructions and installation are pretty straight forward. I had to wait a little while to get everything installed first. I installed it on my Tablet PC so I can have it more portable and able bring it over to friends house. Great for party entertainment! The unit was very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Once everything was installed, I was eager to try it out. If you like interactive games, it is quite addicting. My husband and especially my toddler were curious too. Not just for kids and teens, this can be fun for adults too. There's a lot of fun tunes that got us moving and grooving with the beat.

This is my 2-year old son.

Anyone can play the Beamz even without any music training.

Beamz products can be purchased directly from their website at http://www.thebeamz.com or on Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received a Beamz Player at no charge in exchange of my opinion. Thanks to Eye-to-Eye Communications and Beamz. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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