Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smooth Away

My order on that Smooth Away hair removal product has arrived in the mail today. I originally saw it on TV (as seen on TV ads) and thought I’d try it out. They say it’s the all natural hair removal and exfoliator without the pain and no harmful chemicals. It also leaves skin soft and smooth.

I did my research online and read reviews before I actually purchased it. At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a rip-off. As I read the reviews, it did work for some people and didn’t work for others. Well, I bought it already and I tried it out. It’s not too bad and it worked for me. Oh, thank goodness!

It comes with a travel case, 1 large backing pad and 1 small backing pad and a pack of flex-crystal replacement pads. I think it’s kinda like the smooth sandpaper. Anyway, here are my tips for using the product properly with best results:

- make sure your skin is dry and do no put lotion prior to buffing with the pads
- buff gently on skin surface in a circular motion
- apply slight pressure, but don’t rub in too hard or else you might get a burning rash
- replace a clean pad if necessary as the skin and pad will become powdery

Through my experiment, looks like the way it works is the pad thins out the hair and dries it so that it snaps off the skin. It does leave a powder/flaky mess though. Anyone else have their opinion?

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