Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Cat is Destroying our Family Relationship

My cat, Momo, seems to be grabbing all the attention. I do understand that most cats are needy, but his attitude is pushing my relationship further from hubby and family. My husband have been sleeping on the couch for the past four months while I sleep on the bed and baby Brandon in the room. It was his choice to sleep on the couch outside the bedroom. I feel so apart and we don't seem to have the closeness we used to have.

Why does my husband sleep on the couch? It's because of my cat that keeps bothering us in the middle of the night. He'll jump on the night table beside the bed and would swat or scratch at my husband's head (since the table is on his side). Occasionally, he'll sleep on the bed between us, but now I have baby Brandon around. I usually nurse Brandon on the bed before sleeping. Our cat stopped bothering us whenever one of us is out in the living room. Then he'll stay put and cuddle on the sofa.

Even if we close the door and leave the cat outside in the living room, the cat would still scratch at the door non-stop. It takes a good 1/2-hour to 1-hour for him to give up. It's just not good when baby Brandon's crib is in the same room. The cat disturbs our sleep. I don't feel that this is a very good sleep habit for us.

We've tried everything: from cat-scratch deterrent sprays, vacuum, to telling him "NO" constantly. Momo is just a stubborn cat. I don't want to give him away either.

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