Monday, January 30, 2017

Travel-Protect Valuables: Recycled Devices as Security Camera [Free Manything App]

Traveling is suppose to be fun and adventurous whether it is for business or pleasure. The last thing you want is personal, valuable items stolen or rummaged through while you are out of your hotel room visiting tourist sites or having that conference with clients. How can you travel with security but not have to bring tons of accessories that are cost heavy and fill up your luggage? I have a solution and an example for you with Manything app and a recycled old iOS/Android device. See the story below:

Meet Scott Davignon, age 40, who lives and works in Rochester, NY as a business consultant. Due to ending a relationship, Scott decided to check-in to a national hotel chain that he prepaid close to his work for a month to find proper future housing in the area. Once arriving to the hotel, Scott had a bad feeling about how the check-in process went feeling uncomfortable and a bit sketched out (he was having second thoughts about staying at the hotel establishment--but already prepaid.)

Due to his instincts and being out of his room 10 hours plus a day due to work, Scott took his old iPhone4 camera phone, downloaded the Manything app (a free iOS and Android app that provides a security camera using any old recycled device) and set up a security camera at his bedside at no cost. To his amazement late last week, Scott found an authorized hotel employee rummaging through his personal belongings, unzipping his luggage and scoping out the room looking for valuable items or cash. You can see the video here captured by the Manything app:

  • Video #1: CLICK HERE (rummaging begins at end of video)
  • Video #2: CLICK HERE (Hotel employee unzipping luggage bags)

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