Monday, January 30, 2017

Score Big on Game Night With Guacamole #GameNightGuacNight

[Vancouver, BC] It is no secret that guacamole is a foolproof game day snack. Whether it's chunky, creamy or somewhere in between, guacamole adds an extra level of fun to every game night.

Start game night by winning with these crowd-pleasing guacamole recipes from Avocados from Mexico. There will be no fuss over which team you support and only plenty of cheer to keep you fuelled as your team scores.

Delicious and versatile when shared with family and friends but for the fan who doesn't like to mess with perfection, try the Pre-Game Guac. You can't go wrong with this tried-and-true recipe that has a squeeze of lime and drops of Tabasco.

If you're looking to kick up the heat, the Spicy Avocado Hummus is your ticket.

Capture the MVP title when you wow your guests with the Crazy Corn Guacamole. You can bet that the crumbled feta with chopped fresh epazote leaves or cilantro is to create some buzz.

Of all avocados consumed in Canada, 90% of avocados come from Mexico. Mexico is the world's top avocado producer, far outranking the United States and Chile. Share your favourite guacamole recipe using #GameNightGuacNight. For recipe ideas, nutritional information and tips, visit www.avocadosfrommexico.ca.

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