Monday, December 5, 2016

First Snow Fall in Vancouver

It was Monday, December 5th when I woke up to see snow outside our window. It was a beautiful sight, but I still had mix thoughts. Snowy day traffic... Willingdon Ave. was horrible, especially that long hill. Cars were blocking the road with hazard lights. It was annoying. Went that way to go to Metrotown. For us was OK. Thank goodness for winter tires and driving up in 1 & 2 gear. Came back driving along Kingsway. Again, going up Renfrew to get home was just as bad. Spent 1 hour in traffic for a 20 min drive. Interesting experience tho.

Even though you are careful, it's still risky and unpredictable that others can crash into you.

I also like to add... Willingdon is a high-traffic road. Why were people walking on the streets? Not a smart thing to do.

Reminded me the time when I used to study at BCIT and drove up that hill in my Honda Civic. Fun! Laughing at those who got stuck. Winter tires are definitely a must!

Photos courtesy of my son who was sitting in the backseat.

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