Thursday, August 18, 2016

Must-Have Gadgets To Include On Any Holiday Gift Guide

Fan of tech gadgets or know someone who is? Thought you might like to know about some new gadgets that work on almost any Holiday Gift Guide for 2016. 

Company Name: WITTIDesign
Product: BEDDI
Website: www.wittidesign.com
Category: Technology-Gadgets
Product Description: The BEDDI is an intelligent alarm clock that makes life much easier for consumers in many different ways. Some of its features include a wake up light, multiple USB charging ports, a high quality Bluetooth speaker, and multi-colored mood lighting. Consumers can also be woken up by their very own playlists on Spotify, get the most recent weather forecast, receive the latest traffic reports, and can request an Uber ride with one touch of a button. It is completely controlled and settings can be customized by the free mobile app that is available to both IOS and Android devices.
Price per Unit: $99
Website Link: http://wittidesign.com/en/beddi/

Company Name: Brinno USA
Product: ART 200
Website: www.brinnousa.com
Category: Cameras
Product Name Description: Taking smooth sweeping videos or capturing amazing panning time lapse images has never been easier with Brinno’s new ART200 Pan Lapse programmable rotating camera base. Compatible with Brinno’s time lapse cameras, video cameras, smartphones, and almost any compact camera, the Bluetooth enabled ART200 Brinno Pan Lapse can be secured to a tripod or any level surface to automatically rotate a camera 360 degrees to capture panoramic and immersive images and video. The ART200 is powered by 2 AAA batteries that can last 48 hours to 30 days, depending on the camera weight and the panning speed. A Bluetooth enabled app for tablets and smartphones syncs with the camera bas to program panning time intervals, rotating speed, as well as the sweep angle.
Price per Unit: $149.00
Website Link: http://brinno.com/pan-lapse/ART200

Company Name: Brinno USA
Product: PHV 1330
Website: www.brinnousa.com
Category: Technology
Product Name Description: The PHV 1330 is a peephole viewer for your home that takes images of anyone or anything that is out front. Its ambient light sensor allows images to be taken up to 30 inches from the door. This battery-powered device features an LCD screen on the inside of the door to display the photos, which stores still shots as well as video on a Micro SD card and includes a time stamp for when the sensor is activated. The batteries inside last for 9,000 triggers, and can be powered for a little more than 6 months. The playback feature allows you to view a time-lapsed video with all images with one press of a button. The best feature of the PHV 1330 is that its peephole looks identical to a normal peephole, so outsiders don’t notice that they’re being recording.
Price per Unit: $159.99
Website Link: http://www.brinnousa.com/peep-hole-viewers/copy-of-brinno-motion-activated-peep-hole-viewer-phv1330

Company Name: MiniWing
Product: Camile Bike Camera
Website: www.miniwing.com
Category: Technology
Product Description: The Camile Sport Cam can shoot both pictures and videos and can easily be mounted onto a bike. Consumers can point the lens outward or wherever they would like to film, and record in either of the two separate modes: video mode or burst shooting mode, which can be set in intervals between 3 and 60 seconds. Once turned on, an LED screen can display the speed of travel, local time, or the mileage of a trip. Three indicator lights also indicate battery life, video recording and if it is connected via wifi or Bluetooth to a Smartphone. Once the footage has been shot, an application is available to sync all of the footage via a wifi connection, and can be then downloaded to a computer with a USB cord.
Price Per Unit: $169.00
Website Link: http://www.miniwing.com/index.php/en

Company: Brinno USA
Product: TLC200 PRO
Website: www.brinnousa.com
Category: Technology-Cameras
Product Name Description: The TLC200 Pro is portable and easy-to-use for almost any occasion and can be placed anywhere. It can be used inside or out, and even has a weather-proof case available for anytime shots. Time intervals for shots can be customized to shoot ASAP, all the way up to one shot every 24 hours. The battery life depends on different scene settings, but in certain settings, the four AA batteries can withstand up to seven days of continuous filming.
Price per Unit: $229.99
Website Link: http://www.brinnousa.com/time-lapse-cameras/brinno-tlc200-pro-time-lapse-camera

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