Friday, June 13, 2014

Zumba Instagram Contest to Star in Shakira Zumba Video

Create & upload your Zumba Choreography to Instagram using #ZumbaDare. The contest runs from June 10-July 6, 2014 and the winner will receive a trip to Florida & will also be featured in the Official Zumba “Dare” video promoted by Shakira.

Global fitness leader and lifestyle brand Zumba is revving up its music engine by asking fans around the world to submit to Instagram a 15-second video of their most awesome dance moves to Shakira’s international hit "Dare (La La La)" using hashtag #ZumbaDare. In doing so, the applicant with the best choreography will win an all-expense-paid trip for two to Florida, be featured (with winning choreography) in the official Zumba video for “Dare” alongside Zumba co-founder Beto and be promoted by Shakira on her social channels and official website.

"Dare (La La La)", which can be heard in Zumba classes across the globe, features Shakira’s spicy, hip-shaking dance moves and already has racked up more than 30 million views on online. To entice the 15 million Zumba® fanatics who take classes every week to participate, Zumba® co-founder Beto uploaded a video asking fans to create their own choreography for a chance to be featured in the official video.

"Music is the heartbeat of our brand, and over the years we have become a global radio station that supports all types of rhythms set to infectious dance moves," Beto said. “In this case, we are inviting all our fans and instructors out there to be a part of this platform by creating their own 15-second choreography video to the chorus of ‘Dare’; you never know, it may just turn up in your next Zumba class!”

Zumba has a long-rooted history of working in the music industry, releasing more than 550 original songs, while also partnering with a variety of artists to help spread their music globally. Billboard Magazine even has touted Zumba as “the next music platform,” referencing the fitness industry as “a great place to market and expose music.” In the same article, Zumba co-founder/CEO Alberto Perlman expressed how the Zumba brand ups the ante due to the engagement factor: “Zumba instructors are like DJs…the song is in their body.”

For official contest rules and submission details, click here. To enter the contest, Follow Zumba’s Instagram account @Zumba and upload a 15-second video with hashtag #ZumbaDare.

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