Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Pollinator Week! Help Save the Bees #beethechange

This week is Pollinator Week and HoneyColony is using this as an opportunity to issue a warning that bee loss numbers are worse than originally reported. As part of their continuing mission to save the bees, they are doing everything they can to create awareness of the severity of the problem and have created a Bee the Change t-shirt (featured in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine as one of three ways to save the bees) to help get the word out. See release embedded below for more information.

HoneyColony was founded to bring together people and companies who are interested in adopting healthy lifestyles and want to help each other cut through the hype and claims of natural products and remedies. Maryam Henein is the founder of HoneyColony and Co-Director of the film, Vanishing of the Bees. She is a passionate advocate for the bees and can provide expert insight and testimony into Colony Collapse Disorder and the general state of the world’s bee population.

"Our mission at HoneyColony is to empower people to be their own best health advocate and to put honesty back into our food supply," said Maryam Henein. "With that said, the plight of the bees is a core concern since they are responsible for pollinating one out of every three bites of the foods we eat. Bees have been dying due to systemic pesticides that are also harming human beings. Something must be done."

A portion of the money raised from t-shirt sales is currently being earmarked for The Pollination Project (www.thepollinationproject.org), a non-profit organization that gives $1000 per day in grants to projects that change the world. Once enough funds are raised, the HoneyColony “hive” will choose a bee-centric project to receive the grant. HoneyColony was a past recipient of a Pollination Project seed grant. This was a “pay it forward” grant and when HoneyColony reaches its fundraising goal, it may likely be the first Pollination Project grantee to complete the pay it forward cycle.

Sales of the Bee the Change t-shirt will benefit The Pollination Project.

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