Friday, June 13, 2014

How To: Easy DIY Braided Hair Styles for Summer

These braided hairstyles would be great if you are attend a wedding or other special event this season. And whether you are getting ready in a hotel room or at home, Jenny Balding (Cutler/Redken Stylist), provides easy, DIY hair styles that you can recreate on yourself for your big events!

Disheveled Halo Braid

This is the perfect way to have style your hair if your attending a wedding in the heat of summer. You never have to worry about it all day and night! This would look best on an open neckline e.g strapless or thin like straps.

  1. Create a middle part and split the hair into two sections
  2. Braid each section starting just behind the chair
  3. Bring one braid over the top and secure with hair pin behind ear
  4. Use the hair hair pin like an anchor and twist it back on itself. This is the perfect to disguise and secure your halo braid.
  5. Then secure through the top sections if necessary with a couple of hair pins
  6. Repeat on other side

Sleek Center Braid

This is perfect for summer wedding as it keeps your hair off your face but still allows you to wear your hair down and works with any neckline!

  1. Blow dry very straight by using a smoothing, straightening lotion
  2. Section a mohawk section of 2" width coming into a point at the nape
  3. Use a dry shampoo on this section to create texture and grip to the hair
  4. Reverse braid from the hairline right down to the nape and secure with small band
  5. If necessary, finish by using straightening irons to the loose hair to create a sleek, polished feel.

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