Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mac Hacks - 9 College-Worthy Cheesy Recipes

With all of the back-to-school frenzy just around the corner, we taste tested some Microwave Mac n’ Cheese cups to give you and your college students some insight into the best gourmet cheesy dishes out there. Whether you need a study break or some late night munching, here are our thoughts on the pepperoni pizza mac vs jalapeno popper mac vs chicken ranch mac and more!

1. Pepperoni Pizza Mac: Stir in pepperoni slices, shredded mozzarella cheese and sliced olives.
(Ave. Score: 3.6/5)
Judge says: “Nothing like a pizza but I’d snack on this again.” – Charles, Princeton University

2. Beer and Bacon Mac: For those 21 and up, make mac n’ cheese using beer in place of water. Stir in bacon crumbles. Try an alcohol-free brew like O’Doul’s if you are under 21. We used Coors Light for our version.
(Ave. Score: 1.2/5)
Judge says: “I’d rather just have these separately. Not a winning combo.” - Kate, University of Pittsburgh

3. Jalapeno Popper Mac: Stir in pickled jalapeno slices, cream cheese and crushed croutons.
(Ave. Score: 2.2/5)
Judge says: “Jalapenos make everything better.” - Nick, Savannah College of Art & Design

4. Coconut Curry Mac: Make mac n’ cheese using coconut milk in place of water; stir in curry powder.
(Ave. Score: 4.8/5)
Judge says: “Unexpectedly good! This could easily pass as a gourmet dish.” - Becky, Washington University in St. Louis

5. Walking Taco Mac: Stir in crushed Doritos chips, Mexican cheese, shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes.
(Ave. Score: 3.8/5)
Judge says: “Mexican mac n’ cheese—love it. ¡Olé!” – Charles, Princeton University

6. Chicken Ranch Mac: Stir in ranch dressing and cooked chicken.
(Ave. Score: 2.6/5)
Judge says: “Why did you do this to me?”- June, Rhode Island School of Design

7. Loaded Baked Potato Mac: Stir in sour cream, chives, bacon crumbles and cooked frozen broccoli.
(Ave. Score: 4.2/5)
Judge says: “Hearty and delicious—what’s not to love?” - Becky, Washington University in St. Louis

8. Mom’s Tuna Casserole: Stir in a pouch of tuna. That’s it!
(Ave. Score: 2.4/5)
Judge says: “Tastes like a tuna melt!” - Nick, Savannah College of Art & Design

9. Ballpark Mac: Stir in hot dogs and yellow mustard.
(Ave. Score: 3/5)
Judge says: “Classic American ingredients make this an instant home run.” - Becky, Washington University in St. Louis

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