Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Geena Davis - Exclusive Intimate Videos Released

Geena Davis, who recently made headlines donning her infamous Rockford Peach uniform with style, has released a slew of exclusive videos with the LA-based video parenting site, Kids In The House.

In these videos, Geena shares her thoughtful and heartfelt insights on hot topics in the entertainment industry as well as parenting including:

· Gender in Hollywood
· Portraying Female Role Models
· Lack of Female Presence
· Girls & Career Choice
· Hyper-Sexualization of Girls
· Gender Stereotyping in Media

"Whether the target audience is male or female, there should be women in there doing interesting things, having leadership positions and being a part of the world that's created," says Geena Davis on creating these powerful moments with Kids In The House.

More videos are available to view here for free.

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