Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heat Wave Cooking Tips: Five Dishes That Will Cool You Down

New York Based - Anthony "The Big Cheese" Mongiello is Founder of Formaggio Cheese and a Food Expert. He's available to present these tips live on your show and can cook your hardworking staff a meal to die for.

Anthony Mongiello Offers Heatwave Cooking Tips (Video below)

Athony Mongiello's Tips

Anthony can explain to your audience how to make: cold vegetable salad, fresh tomatos & mozzarella, chilled advacatos, variations on cold cuts & roasted peppers.

Anthony Mongiello is also a perennial Gold Medal Winner in the Wisconsin Cheese Maker's Association's World Cheese Competition and WCMA's United States Cheese Championship. Mongiello's cooking show called "Kings in the Kitchen" is currently heard in New York and Pennsylvania.

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