Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smallville Roleplaying Game

I just picked up a copy of the Smallville Roleplaying Game. I'm a huge fan of the show and I enjoy RPG games. The book has about 216 pages with lots of great detail and pictures. The rules are easy to understand. I'm really happy that I got this book.


Heroes may arise from the ashes of tragedy or the ruins of deceit, but in our darkest hour, can they set aside their differences and save the world? Who do you fight for? What is your destiny? SMALLVILLE tells the ongoing story of one of the most iconic of super heroes, his friends, his family, and his foes. In the SMALLVILLE ROLEPLAYING GAME you may take up this story for yourself, or forge a new path with heroes and villains of your own.

Based on the newest incarnation of the award-winning CORTEX SYSTEM, the SMALLVILLE RPG brings to life the drama, intrigue, and action of the hit television series from The CW. This rulebook features complete rules for creating and playing your own Lead Characters in the world of SMALLVILLE, in addition to a full lineup of heroes, antagonists, locations, and superpowers drawn from the show. All you need to play the SMALLVILLE RPG is this book, a set of dice, and your friends.

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