Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fimo Canes Polymer Clay Sticks

I've ordered a batch of 25 fruit and flower deisgn Fimo Canes (or Polymer Clay sticks; whatever you want to call it) through eBay and the mail finally arrived. I was hoping to get more of the fruit designs, but the photos were misleading. Anyways, I've never used theses before, but I was excited to try and get creative. I didn't order too many and this was enough to use for a lot of things.

I took several attempts slicing the Fimo canes. I was aiming for even, thin pieces. It was harder than it looks. You can slice them to your desired thickness.

The Fimo Canes can be used for nail decorations (Japanese Nail Art) and also used for polymer clay creations (such as mini cakes and cupcakes).

Nail Art: I've been doing nail art for a bit in the past. I haven't had much time to do these things now that I have to look after little Brandon (who's turning 2 at the end of this month).

I've tried some on my nails. It was kinda ugly at first attempt, but with a different combination looked much better. It's supposed to be 3D, but I'm not used to having something so clunky on my nails. I applied nail polish, then stick on the decorations, and used clear coat nail polish on top.

Polymer Clay Creations: I think using the decorations for my polymer clay creations would be quite easy. It adds a nice touch, especially for the cupcake charms and the cake slice charms. These "toppings" would make it look more delicious looking (and cute). Check back for more of my cupcake and cakes project using the Fimo Canes/Polymer Clay sticks.

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