Sunday, September 5, 2010

8x10 Art Print Giveaway + Previous Kiriban Winners

If some of you've missed the previous kiriban on my DeviantArt Profile, you can still have a chance for the 38,000 kiriban. This is my final Kiriban and I won't be holding this contest for a while! All you have to do is visit my DeviantArt Gallery Profile here and provide me a screenshot of exactly 38,000 pageviews (shown at the top).

Again, for the prize detail: Prints will be 8x10 high quality print, laminated, and double-sided (that means you'll get 2 of my artwork pieces). Awesome! I will be posting winners for each 1000 kiriban. You will be mentioned on my art blog as well @ [link]


33,000 kiriban Winner ~ *ShadeyBabey
34,000 kiriban Winner ~ ~i-am-yaser
35,000 kiriban Winner ~ =candymax & ~1337drawinpLace
36,000 kiriban Winner ~ ~deathangelpadma & ~Pumpkinetics
37,000 kiriban Winner ~ *PurpleHazeQueen17
38,000 kiriban Winner ~ [yourname]

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