Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PNE Opening Weekend 2010

This past weekend was the opening of the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) which started Saturday, August 21, 2010. It was the 100th year celebration. We went on Sunday because it was free gate admission for that one day between 9am and noon. The PNE opens daily from August 21 - September 6. It was supposed to rain that Sunday, but the weather held up.

There was obviously a lot of traffic and lots of people. Since we live nearby, we still had to drive as it was still a ways to walk. I saw all these cars heading up northbound on Renfrew Street and took us a while to get out of there, even near our house.

We parked our car over at our grandma's house and walked a few blocks over to the venue on Hastings & Renfrew. I think this was baby Brandon's first time at the PNE. He enjoyed the view and saw a lot of different things. We didn't go on any rides tho because he was still too small. There were kids rides, but we skipped that as well.

Hubby and I went back to the PNE after dinner since we had our hand stamped to get in again for free. Baby Brandon stayed home while his grandparents babysat. We went back to the Marketplace to look at more since we didn't get to see everything in the afternoon. I was so tempted to get the steamed floor mop, but I didn't get it. There's a lot to share on what we experienced, but you can visit the website at http://www.pne.ca to read more. I've taken some photos here so you can see what it was like as well as what we saw.

Some food we bought for snacking on: Those Little Donuts and Wiggle Chips.

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