Sunday, August 8, 2010

Handmade Creations: Lollipop Charms (Version 2)

This is my second batch of the mini lollipops I made. It's similar to the rainbow lollies [here], so I'll call this version 2. Again, these can be used as necklace pendants, cell phone charms, earrings, etc. Penny-sized diameter. Includes a 2" black dangle strap/cord. Available for sale at my Shop Handmade Store.

Materials used: sculpey clay, wire, pliers, clear acrylic paint (for glaze), toothpick

A lot of people seem to like this, so I will be making various versions. I'll be also trying out different colors and combinations. These are so easy to make. If you want to try making it yourself, hopefully I'll have a video tutorial for you soon. See my other tutorials on the link on the right bar on the website.

You know what? This gives me an idea: making and baking some edible lollipop design cookies. I'll tell you how it goes if I successfully attempt the experiment. That's all for now.

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  1. Adorable!!

    Following via MBC, started @ the bottom of the list of 700+ as I figured you guys were newer/still blogging vs the ones from 2008. (A lot were defunct.) Anyway, here from http://meanttobemama.blogspot.com, come by and follow back when you get a chance. :)