Thursday, November 26, 2015

Personalize Meals and Recipes with PlateJoy

Don't know what meals to make or don't have the time to plan meals? If you need ideas and inspiration, check out PlateJoy. PlateJoy is a wonderful website that provides fast recipes and shopping lists to help you prepare delicious meals tailored to your lifestyle. It's personalized to your needs.

I signed up for the free 1-month trial membership. I was so glad I was introduced to PlateJoy because it made my life much easier with meal preparation for my family. You can cancel membership anytime by emailing service@platejoy.com.

PlateJoy was recently featured on The Today Show as the "best for custom cooking" and have celeb fans like Jared Leto, who invested in the company.

How it works:

Users take a quiz about their dietary preferences (from gluten-free to vegan to Paleo), allergies (like celiac and FODMAP foods), family, fitness goals and schedule
PlateJoy's algorithms use 50 different data points about you to create an ultra-personalized menu unique to you (rather than a one-size-fits-all plan)
You receive tailor-made meal plans on-demand, to help save you time and eat better. Kind of like a personal nutritionist and personal assistant all in one
  Enjoy your recipes! 

Having photos that show that the food or plating looks is really useful. Visuals are great! I don't usually cook breakfast too often, but I'm really enjoying a couple of the recipes that are on my list.

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