Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Neighbourhood Small Grants: East Van Apple Press Fest [Recap]

On Sunday, October 25th, I attended an event called East Vancouver Apple Press Fest that was held at Vancouver Technical Secondary School (at the garden near the tennis courts). This free event was part of the Neighbourhood Small Grants Project and was funded by the Vancouver Foundation.

The Apple Press Fest is where people in the neighborhood gather together to experience crushing apples and making sweet cider using old-fashioned equipment. I have heard about this event since I started as resident committee for the Neighborhood Small Grants last year. I went there during the mid-afternoon. This was actually my first time joining this event and I really enjoyed it.


People had a chance to help out by cutting up the apples, crushing them, and pressing the juices out. Quite a fun hands-on experience, especially for the kids.


There was also live music, which was really nice. We listened to the band while lining up for a cup of hot apple cider made from the fresh crushed apples. I met up with a few friends, hung around, and chatted with them. It was just a relaxing afternoon.

We brought our own jar to fill and take home. We loved it and Little one wanted more to drink.

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