Friday, February 27, 2015

Conceal Scars & Wrinkles Instantly with Dermaflage

What is Dermaflage and how does it work?

Unlike makeup, it uses silicone to simulate skin and fill in sunken scars on your face, neck, legs, arms, and other parts of your body. It also works for frown lines between the eyes that make you look worried or angry. And it easily matches your skin‘s tone and color.

Invented in Hollywood, Dermaflage is a special effects scar and wrinkle concealer. Dermaflage hides recessed imperfections due to accident, surgery, severe acne, or deep wrinkles up to 36 hours.

Features & Benefits:
  • instantly conceals recessed scars and frown lines
  • waterproof 3D scar filler
  • invented in Hollywood – used by the stars
  • non-irritating, easy 3-step application
  • non-invasive – no injections, no pain
  • clinically & dermatologist tested
  • allergy tested

WHERE TO BUY: All Dermaflage starter kits are available for purchase through the website at dermaflage.com

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