Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Designer Gail Be Creates Custom Head Piece & Jeweled Beaded Top for Lady Gaga's New CD

Singer, Lady Gaga, recently just released her NEW CD "Cheek to Cheek" a collaboration with Tony Bennett and Minnesota designer Gail Be was chosen to create custom beaded head pieces and beaded top has been picked as one of the three photos in the CD as well as the official picture for the single "Anything Goes".

With her life-size fashions, Gail Be is forging her way into an entirely new art genre. The uniqueness of Be's couture fashions is that they are made completely of beads, sequins, ribbons and feathers. Little or no fabric is ever used, she beads onto beads, not onto fabric.

Gail Be does not draw or pre-sketch, solder or use mathematical calculations in any of her designs. She admits that she does not even know how to turn on a sewing machine and has received no formal training in dress design.

Gail Be got her start when a friend gifted her with four beading classes. Her passion was so great that she beaded daily for hours. Through this self-teaching, in a year she won a state beading contest and was designing her own jewelry line.

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