Thursday, October 2, 2014

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Cover Design Contest

Hey Artists and/or Photographers: Have you ever dreamed of having your artwork on the cover of a magazine? Here's your chance as Advanced Photoshop is giving us a competition to produce our work for the cover of the magazine.

  • Your artwork can be in any style you choose – photomanipulation, graphic design, digital painting or illustration.
  • Your artwork should be 240mm wide by 300mm high at 300 dpi. But please send us a low-res JPEG first – if you make it into the final selection, we’ll drop you a line to ask for the high-res artwork.
  • Your artwork must be an original piece that you haven’t submitted to any other magazine.
  • Your artwork cannot include nudity or fan art of copyrighted characters.
  • You’ll need to leave room for us to include the title of the magazine, its barcode, and some text to explain what’s in the issue.
  • Make it attention-grabbing and with a strong focal point!


To enter, simply send your artwork to advancedpshop@imagine-publishing.co.uk with the subject line "Cover competition". Please include your name, full address and contact details with your entry. The deadline for competition entries is November 27, 2014.

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