Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mount St. Helens and Seaquest State Park

On our way down south on the I-5, we decided to stop by the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center at Seaquest State Park in Castle Rock,Washington. How to get there: take I-5 Toledo exit 63 shortcut to Hwy 504 via Hwy 505. There's a $3 fee to see the displays at the visitor center, but we didn't go in. However, we did go on the trails just outside the building to see the landscape view and enjoy the short nature walk.

While walking along the trails, we also discovered an Osprey nest up in one of the trees at a distance. There were actually two birds flying about and landing over their nest. There were also a flock of Barn Swallows flying about just up the path near the pond. They were pretty fast, but I happened to photograph a few that were in flight.

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