Monday, June 17, 2013

Taylor Swift Launches New Fragrance and Wins Fragrance Celebrity of the Year

Taylor Swift was honored with the Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award at the 41st Annual Fragrance Foundation Awards. Lauded for her ongoing support to the industry, the award commends Taylor for promoting the world of fragrance through her accessibility and genuine connection with her fans.

The authenticity she weaves throughout everything she creates is a key element of Taylor’s success, both in her music and with her fragrance collection. In her just two years in the fragrance industry, Taylor has launched some of the most fan-loved celebrity fragrances, including Wonderstruck, the top-selling celebrity fragrance of 2011. Wonderstruck told the story of the moment you first meet that special someone, and was one of the most successful fragrance launches in recent years.

“My first fragrance, Wonderstruck, it was all about a day dream, a fantasy, this romantic ideal that we all have,” Taylor said when accepting her award. “I love telling stories, I love starting at the beginning and adding things as you go. This is truly a nice page to add to that story.

In 2012, Taylor released Wonderstruck Enchanted, the sister scent to Wonderstruck, which evolved the story of her fragrance brand, taking her fans from the awe-inspiring moment of meeting someone to the enchantment of falling in love. With the launch of her third fragrance, Taylor by Taylor Swift, which launches this month, she connects with her fans in a whole new way. The fragrance reflects her authentic, real-life moments spent with friends and family, and is available at prestige retailers.

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