Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wardrobe from the Supernatural Film Studio Sale

Went to the Supernatural Wardrobe Film Studio Sale today and got some goodies like clothing and jewelry at really great prices. Found this shirt that Ruby 1.0 (played by Katie Cassidy) wore in Season 3 as well as the t-shirt that Ruby 2.0 (played by Genevieve Cortese) wore in season 4.

Lots of clothing available including cotton Tees, jewelry (with 4 or 5 in a package), jackets, coats, and blazers as well as blouses for a very cheap price.  Found a similar jacket with the white top that Anna Milton (played Julie McNiven) wore.

I was hoping to score the necklaces that both Rubys wore AND Meg 2.0, but I couldn’t find them. I got other cool jewelry instead. I really like the brass earrings with the heart, skull, and angel wing charms. It matches the T-shirt with the winged-skull worn by Ruby 2.0. I didn't have time to look longer because I had to pick up my son from school.

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  1. Awesome!!!! Contact me if you want to sell them!