Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teddy's Pride Probiotic Oral Care for Cats & Dogs {Review}

If you know your pet has bad breath, you can help them maintain their oral hygiene with Teddy's Pride Probiotic Oral Care. Not to confuse you with Teddy's Choice and EvoraPet: In the US the product is called EvoraPet and the product outside the US is called Teddy's Pride.


Teddy's Pride is the first probiotic oral care formulated to inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause bad breath and resulting in fresher breath as well as naturally cleans & whitens teeth. It comes in a white, powdered form and it is odorless and tasteless.

I remember my cat, Momo, occasionally have bad breath and I would talk to my cat and ask, "What did you eat?" Oh, he's a cute little guy, except when he has bad breath. Even finicky eater like Momo, he didn't notice any difference and Teddy's Pride Probiotic Oral Care can still provide him with the health benefits.

I sprinkle it with one capful on his food every morning, mixing into his wet cat food with the dry cat food. The first time I tried mixing it only in the dry cat food, it made the dish look powdery and white everywhere. Our cat sneezed when he sniffed it. After that, I mixed into the wet cat food as mentioned.

Features & Benefits:

* Easy to use
* Odorless and Tasteless
* 100% natural
* Probiotic blend helps freshen breath
* Naturally whitens teeth
* Gently cleans teeth
* Made in the USA


Within the US, you can purchase EvoraPet at www.oragenics.com. Oragenics is offering a coupon code for $5 off EvoraPet and is valid through August 31, 2011. Use Code: EPET911 (US Only).

Anyone outside of the U.S. can order Teddy's Pride through www.drugstore.com

Disclosure: I received free product samples from the company to use in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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